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CAN filter – security emulator for NISSAN (5 pcs set)

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CAN Filter – emulator allows installation of Nissan European navigation or radio unit to another vehicle, retrofit USA market vehicle, or test it on the bench overriding security feature.  Without it navigation will not work and the message “SECURE” or “SYSTEM IS LOCKED” will be displayed.

Supports probably most of  NISSAN navigation and radio units from 2006 till 2024

This is a set of 5 pcs.

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European NISSAN navigations and radios are equipped with a security feature that prevents installing units in another car. They are preprogrammed to the vehicle security system. Each time on system power-up unit validates security codes with the car security system and if codes don’t match, the unit is locked, and “SECURE” message is displayed.

The navigation unit installed in a vehicle without security features or powered on the bench will show the message “Please Wait” while waits for a response from the security system and if a response is not received within 30-60 seconds, it will show the message “SECURE”  or “SYSTEM IS LOCKED” on display.

As a solution for this problem comes CAN filter – emulator. It allows installation of Nissan navigation or radio unit to another European vehicle, retrofit USA market vehicle with European navigation, or test it on the bench overriding security feature.


  • Works on navigation units from 2006 to 2024
  • External or internal installation
  • Power from 5V or 12V


We have tested it on the following navigation units:

  • Nissan Connect 2 (LCN2.0A)
  • Nissan Connect 3 (LCN2kai)
  • Nissan Connect 4  (AIVI – Alliance In-Vehicle Infotainment system)
  • Nissan LEAF – Clarion QY-7201, QY-7211, QY-7221, QY-72xx
  • Nissan LEAF – Clarion QY-8201, QY-8251, QY-8252, QY-82xx
  • Nissan LEAF – Clarion QY-8601, QY-8602, QY-8652, QY-86xx
  • Clarion UQY7385 NAU-P8210EUP, UQY7387 NAU-P8200EUP, NAU-P82xx, UQY-73xx
  • Xanavi CCA-1452E (25915 JG40A )

We believe that it will work on most radios and navigations from 2006 even not mentioned in the list above.

CAN filter installation info


Dimensions 3.4 × 2.4 × 0.03 cm

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