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NISSAN CAN filter installation

NISSAN navigation and radio security

European NISSAN navigations and radios are equipped with a security feature preventing installing units in another car. They are preprogrammed to the vehicle security system. Each time on system power-up unit validates security codes with the car security system and if codes don’t match, the unit will not work.

A navigation unit installed in a vehicle without security features or powered on the bench will show the message “Please Wait” while waits for a response from the security system.

If the response from the vehicle security system is not received within 30-60 seconds, or the response is wrong, the message “SECURE”  or “SYSTEM IS LOCKED” will be displayed.

As a solution for this problem comes the CAN filter – emulator. It allows the installation of Nissan navigation or radio unit to another European vehicle, retrofit USA market vehicle with European unit or test it on the bench overriding security feature.

CAN filter can be installed inside the navigation unit or connected to the navigation unit wiring.

NISSAN LEAF Clarion  navigation units


nissan leaf navigation Clarion

nissan leaf navigation 2018

Nissan Part numbers: 25915 3Nxxx, 25920 4Nxxx , 25915 5Sxxx …
Models: QY-72xx, QY-82xx, QY-85xx , QY-86xx …

Navigation powered on the bench or installed in USA market vehicle will show the message “Please wait” and after a timeout period of ~60 sec. will display “SECURE”.

Nissan leaf navigation

A European navigation unit installed in another European vehicle will receive the wrong response from the security system and will show the message “SECURE” immediately after the power-up.

nissan leaf secure

NISSAN LEAF Clarion – CAN filter internal installation

  • disassemble navigation unit
  • remove can bus noise filter from PCB (some models have resistors)
  • connect wires from CAN filter PCB to the mainboard
  • isolate and stick CAN filter PCB with double-sided tape or glue on the mainboard
can filter internal installation
Clarion QY-72xx CAN filter internal installation


can filter internal installation
Clarion QY-82xx, QY-86xx installation

NISSAN LEAF Clarion – CAN filter external installation

  • disconnect connectors and remove the navigation unit from the dash
  • connect CAN filter to the wiring according to the picture below
  • secure CAN filter PCB to the wiring with tape
can filter external installation
External CAN filter installation


Nissan Leaf navigation connectors

Vehicle I/F connector pinout and signal description
Power Supply connector pinout and signal description

NISSAN Connect 4 (AIVI)  navigation unit

Nissan Part numbers: 259155SN0C, 259155SR0C, 259155xxxx, 259155FA5A
Bosch Part numbers: 7 513 751 151, 7 513 751 941, 7 513 750 803
Models: AIVIB12P0, AIVIP32R0, AIVICMFB0, AIVIxxxxx

The navigation unit powered on the bench or installed in another vehicle will show the message “SYSTEM IS LOCKED”.

Nissan Connect 4 – CAN filter internal installation

  • disassemble navigation unit

  • remove 2 resistors for CAN_L and CAN_H

  • connect CAN filter to CAN bus, GND and +5V
  • stick CAN filter PCB with double-sided tape or hot glue on the mainboard


Nissan Connect 4 – CAN filter external installation

  • disconnect connectors and remove the navigation unit from the dash
  • connect CAN filter to the wiring according to the pictures below
  • secure CAN filter PCB to the wiring with tape

Power supply connector pinout and signal description
Signal connector pinout and signal description

NISSAN Connect 3 (LCN2kai) navigation unit

LCN3 unit used in vehicles:

  • MICRA From 2015
  • NOTE From 2015
  • PULSAR From 2014
  • QASHQAI From 2013
  • JUKE From 2014
  • X-TRAIL From 2015
  • TIIDA From 2014
  • NAVARA From 2015

NISSAN Connect 2 (LCN2) navigation unit

nissan connect2 navigation

LCN2 used in vehicles:

  • MICRA (2011-2013)
  • NOTE (2011-2014)
  • QASHQAI (2011-2017)
  • QASHQAI +2 (2011-2017)
  • JUKE (2011-2014)
  • X-TRAIL (2013-2017)
  • & others

Navigation powered on the bench or installed in a USA market vehicle will show a message  “SECURE – System is locked”.

Connect 2 (LCN2) & Connect3 (LCN2kai) CAN filter internal installation

  • disassemble navigation unit
  • remove 2 resistors for CAN_L and CAN_H

lcn2 can bus filter

  • connect CAN filter to CAN bus, GND and +5V
  • stick CAN filter PCB with double-sided tape or hot glue on the mainboard

Bosch LCN2 can filter installation

Connect2 (LCN2) & Connect3 (LCN2kai) CAN filter external installation

  • disconnect connectors and remove the navigation unit from the dash
  • connect CAN filter GND & +12V
  • Cut original CAN bus wires and connect to CAN filter
  • secure CAN filter PCB to the wiring with tape
LCN2 connector pinout
LCN2 connector pinout
LCN2 CAN filter connection

Connect3 units (LCN2Kai) have the same pinout as LCN2 (Connect2), except ACC pin, +12 volts are not available on ACC pin. Power for the emulator must be taken from the upper connector (the pin is marked as IGN -ignition voltage). For testing on the bench ACC pin must be connected to GND for LCN2Kai units

LCN2Kai CAN filter connection



  1. Hello, I’m wondering whether you can answer a question I have regarding nissan micra car audio LCN2.0a?

    The audio signal has a subsonic filter and won’t pass anything below 40hz (approx) is there a way to remove this filter? And is it possible to have a circuit diagram which shows me the audio signal preamp terminals? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Hi Zelemar,
    I have put the emulator inside the LCN2 but now if i turn the car off, the LCN does not go off.
    Do you know how we can fix this?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi, what radio was installed in your car originally? Some radios goes off by getting ACC/Ignition signals by separate wires, some by CAN. I assume that you have a different configurations, LCN expects this signal by external wire, but your car gives it over CAN or vice versa.

  3. Hello, my head unit is clarion QY 8602 and the conectors are the same but there isn t any cable in GND position. Where is the GND cable?

    • Sometimes its not available and GND connected to the chassis of the unit. You can take GND from chassis (there should be wire connected to it), or you can take a GND from other connector. there are some GND points for Camera or Mic. signal connector pinout here

  4. Hi everyone!, I just wondered to know how the nissan connect 3 replace with the nissan connect 4 (put the multimedia that with carplay which is without sd card), am i in the right place? Can anyone help me with this question? Thanks in advance!!

  5. Hello, does the emulator send information about the camera to the radio like the ECU does?
    In LCN2, despite the NTSC camera being connected according to the service manual, the camera does not work. The Manual describes the need to turn on the camera in the ECU MULTI AV system
    Setting value SOUND SYSTEM BASE ⇔ BOSE

    • Hi, emulator doesn’t have any influence on camera and doesn’t sent any information related to camera. It send immobilizer unlocking commands only, all other messages pass-thru.
      You have to set camera type with diagnostic equipment, or in some models from service menu.
      How to enter service menu: press MENU and while keep pressed turn right wheel left, right and left. You can find videos how to get to service menu on YouTube.
      From service menu go to Confirmation/Adjustments and then Camera.

  6. Hello, I’m all ready to install this into th wiring, can you confirm the colours?, the ignition wire in the noted position is green?, is this correct? Also can you confirm the canl and canh wires? This is for a JUKE 2014.

    • Hi, I can’t confirm wire colors. You have to follow pin numbers as shown in diagrams. Juke 2014 can have a Connect2 or Connect3 navi unit, as it changed from Connect2 to Connect3 on this year.

  7. I have found CAN IDs that seems to connect with each other. They start transmit later than others and have some sync every 500 ms. It can be ID like yours 71E and 72E but in smart they are 5D8 and 588.
    BTW, this nav system also has a renault/nissan part number: 259150408R

    8 871 CAN Rx x5D8 8 x00 x07 xFF x00 x00 x00 x00 x00
    9 086 CAN Rx x588 8 x03 xFF x7F x00 xFF xFF xFF xFC
    9 372 CAN Rx x5D8 8 x00 x07 xFF x00 x00 x00 x00 x00
    9 586 CAN Rx x588 8 x03 xFF x20 x00 xFF xFF xFF xFC
    9 873 CAN Rx x5D8 8 x00 x07 xFF x00 x00 x00 x00 x00
    10 086 CAN Rx x588 8 x03 xFF x20 x00 xFF xFF xFF xFC
    …and the 5D8 ID will be changed later on a bench every 30 sec.

    Could you please help me with unlock or advice ? This nav the same as yours. Maybe you could change CAN IDs in your filter and it will work on my system. Thank you

  8. Is it possible to use your can filter for this nav unit: Bosch 7503700000
    Its from smart 453 year 2020. Thank you !

    • I have never tested on such unit. As this unit have a Nissan part numbers too, probably it was used in some Nissan vehicles too and might have the same security as nissan radios.
      If you have possibility to check what CAN messages available on navigation unit CAN bus, i could tell will if nissan CAN filter will help. You have to start logging CAN bus before connecting Ignition. As the security messages are not repeated constantly on the bus.

      • Thank you for the answer. This navigation looks exactly like Nissan connect 4 inside. I have CAN hacker. There is some CAN ID that increase their hex number every 5-10 min even without connection to the car. The CAN ID is 5D8 and it increases like 00 0C DC 00 00 00 00, then it change on 0C FE, 08 3C, 08 3E, 08 3D in the same HEX position. I also have other CAN IDs like 559, 314, 423, 5A8, etc, approx 25 CAN IDs.
        Maybe if you tell me which CAN ID do I need to check I will send you a proper number.
        Thank you so much!

      • Sorry, just notice recently “are not repeated”. I have a trace file from my car.

        • You have to look for CAN ID’s 71e and 72e. These ID’s send once on ignition on and not repeated. If navigation unit connected on the bench, 71e send repeatedly for a ~30 sec.
          If you have such IDs on your unit, CAN filter should work.

          • I’ll chek today’s evening and let you know.
            I have a 5D8 CAN ID, looks like it really changes every 30sec with two HEXs. But I don’t know the second ID (like yours 72e).
            Is it possible to update the firmware special for my system ? I’m in the very famous smart club and many smart owners will buy it because the new nav system costs a lot.
            Or is it possible to fix your can filter’s dump on my side if I buy it ? I have segger j-link.
            I can send you my trace file as well.
            Thank you

  9. For those who want to mount this filter on the PCB of your LCN2Kai Nissan navigation, please check after installation if you have 120 Ohm resistance between both CAN1 H/L lines and CAN2 H/L lines. In my case I had to mount an extra resistor between CAN2 H/L lines and also swap the position of the wires. I think on the external schematic it is correct. Communication with the supplier was very good and they helped me. Now everything works ok. Maybe they will post the updated schematic for the internal mounting.

  10. Hi, if it has a red lock code, will the radio be unlocked after applying the NISSAN CAN filter?

  11. Hi, what’s the message it’s sending? I thought the device is locked to the VIN number of the car does this change the VIN number?

    Also If the can lines are not cut and just CAN2 is connected into the existing wires (in parallel) will it mess the car security up?
    Thank you

    • Device is not locked to the VIN. Its a challenge-response based thing between the radio unit and bcm. If CAN bus will not be cut, nothing will be messed up in the car, only the navigation unit unlocking will not work, as it will receive conflicting can messages from the emulator and car.

      • Hi, Thanks gor a very fast reply!
        So I guess the BCM asks the NAVI unit a question and if it doesnt have the correct answer saved to send back then the BCM locks it out of the system.
        Just worried about cutting the wires but that does make sense with conflicting messages thank you.

  12. Hi. Does the unit work on the bench, both with internal, and external installation?
    And what happends if C1L and C1H is not connected to the car?
    I have a Nissan Leaf without Vcan, only Mcan.
    Is it possible to connect C1L and C1H to CanH and CanL at the instrument panel?

    • Hi, Yes, it works on the bench with both installations. To bypass security, it is enough to connect CAN2 (C2L&C2H) to navigation unit, and CAN1 can stay not connected.
      If C1L and C1H is not connected to the car, the navigation unit will not receive messages from other control units, and some info will not be displayed such as battery info.
      If Vcan is not available in your wiring at the navigation connector, you can try to connect it at the instrument cluster, but I never tried it.

  13. Hello again. Everything works, navi juke/pulsar lcn2kai unlocked. But i want to ask whether it’s normal that amber light is blinking? At first connection it was blinking almost 1 minute and it didn’t unlock the navi. For the second time there was no blinking and the navi started unlocked. Third time it blinked once and later there was no more blinking. I simulated ignition signal

    • Hi. Amber light blinks when power is applied and the necessary CAN message is not received. When necessary CAN message received and navigation is unlocked, led goes off.

  14. Hello can I use it for unlock a Qashqai J10 navi ? The model is CCA 1452E
    Thank you

      • I tested on Qashqai J10 with navi…it’s working great. Thank you ZELEMAR. Before I found you I tryed everythig and nothig worked. I strongly recomand

  15. Does it allow to pass other communication with BCM or with AVM module (bird view cameras), setting up a clock or display what is currently played on the radio on combination meter display?

    • It passes all CAN communication with other modules. The only message it filters out is a security challenge-response message, which the emulator replaces.

      • Hello. I have additional question. When you tested emulator with navigation did You check if camera button works without any camera connected? I have secure system locked green. I didnt connect V-Can afraid of change green level to red level. I’d like to buy your emulator but i don’t if my navi don’t react when pushing camera button because not all wires connected or it doesn’t react because is broken.

        • Hello,
          If a camera is not connected to the navigation unit, the button will not work. The camera button works only if the camera is connected to the unit and car speed is lower than ~10 kmh.

          • Ok. I ordered one a while ago. For confirmation. I connected avm module with navi with v-can and camera image signal and shield, also to both ignition, battery, gnd and reverse signal. To avm I connected one camera. Camera button on navi didn’t work because i didn’t connect v-can to car and didn’t connect speed signal, yes? If i connect all signals in car with navi and avm module and can emulator to navi everithing should work, yes?
            What tool should i use to soldering wire with can emulator and what maximum teperature is allowed?

          • Around View Monitor (AVM) on Nissan Leaf is connected to the navigation unit CAN bus, power supply, reverse signal, AVM detection signal, and video input on navi unit.
            CAN filter connected to navi with AVM doesn’t influence AVM and everything works as supposed.
            Soldering must be done in accordance with all standard soldering techniques. Temperature ~300 degrees C for several seconds. If you don’t have experience, ask somebody for help to avoid damaging the pcb

  16. Montado en mi leaf EZ1, Y funciono a la 1º…. 🙂 .
    solo tube algunas dudas con las conexiones, que me resolvieron en el mismo momento.
    envio rapido atencion muy profesional y amables. para mi un +10.

  17. Hi How Can i buy a Can filter to a LCN2 ? And How much does it cost ? I live in Denmark. Thanks Ronni

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