SD Card Toolbox – Mass production mode

Mass production mode

With a release of software version 2.5.0, a new feature was added: mass production mode. This mode allows you to quickly compare CID numbers for a bunch of SD cards, make a mass locking or write protection.

Mass Production mode is activated from Menu->Tools->Mass Production Mode, or with mouse right-click on CID number.

CID Compare

This function is very useful when you have a lot of SD cards with the possibly same CID and must sort them out. As well, when you have different SD cards and want to find one with a specific CID number from a pile.

On every SD card change, CID number automatically compared with a number from “CID compare” field. Background color becomes green on match, or red on mismatch. It makes CID comparing very fast at a glance.

CID compare functions compare all characters, except CRC by default. To compare CRC byte, uncheck the “Ignore CRC” checkbox. Ignoring CRC is useful when you have an SD card CID number read by Linux or other systems, which returns “00” or “01” instead of the real CRC value.

Write Protect & Password Lock

These functions come in handy when you have a lot of SD cards that must be write protected or password locked before shipping to customers. Also, if you have a bunch of  write protected or password locked SD cards and want to remove protections fast.

This feature can be combined with CID compare function. If CID compare is enabled, Auto Lock or Auto WP will be executed only on the SD cards with matching CID numbers and other SD cards inserted will not be affected. If CID compare is disabled, every SD card inserted will be affected according to selected feature.

Write Protect feature have a 2 options: Auto SET & Auto REMOVE.

Once enabled, Write protection will be set or removed automatically on each SD card inserted.

Password Lock feature also have a 2 options: Auto LOCK & Auto UNLOCK

Once enabled, each SD card inserted will be locked or unlocked using password from the Password field.

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