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SD Card Toolbox

Read CID / CSD, Lock & unlock with password

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SD card toolbox
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SD toolbox
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SD toolbox
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SD card CID
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SD card CID decoder

This device is designed for work with SD, SDHC & SDXC cards security features. It allows to read SD card CID & CSD numbers, lock and unlock SD card with password and set/remove write protection.

Password protection:

SD card locked with password is protected from any access to SD card data. Card must be unlocked first, to access data on it. When such SD card is inserted to the PC card reader, it is not detected by system at all and no read/write or any other functions are allowed.

Write protection:

SD card write protection feature is used to protect card from modifying its contents. When such protection is set, SD card inserted in PC reader is read only and can't be formatted, erased or any new data written. There are 2 types of WP: temporary and permanent. This device can set or remove temporary WP only, if permanent write protection is set, it cannot be removed anymore.


*This device doesn't change CID number and doesn't extract unknown SD card passwords


Unlocking/Locking fixed password cards

Online SD card password calculator

*Optional features not included in basic price and can be purchased later



Version 2.3 updates:

Version 2.4.1 updates:

Version 2.4.2 updates:

Version 2.4.3 updates (2020-10-21):

Version 2.4.5 updates (2021-03-10):

User Manual
Software installation (v2.4.5)